Like its name suggests, Single Malt Bali is home to serious liquors from some of the world's most famous distilleries. Located at IZE Hotel Seminyak, second floor, this stylish drinking venue marries the building’s modern exterior design with a Great Gatsby inspired interior complete with vintage furnishings. Oversized leather chairs, Persian rugs and decorative elements, such as old-fashioned light fixtures, are set against rustic brick walls to recreate the ambience of a bygone era. It is a space to relax and take pleasure in the fine art of drinking. For those who prefer to sit outdoors, there is also a patio area with a pool table. Drinks at Single Malt Bali are like nothing else currently available on the island.

Single Malt Bali - Whiskies & Cocktails was the first whisky bar on the island, and we are proud of our Whisky collection with focus on Single Malt Whiskies, counting around 70 in the moment, from Japan, Scotland, Taiwan, Sweden, Czech Republic and Australia. 

The cocktails list, with a wide selection of standards, introduces some new Whisky based cocktails recipes, created by our mixologists, to initiate Ladies, and men alike, to enter into the whisky world unequivocally.

A tapas menu, with a slight Asian influence, will be available, such as Beijing Duck Rolls, Pork Ribs with Bourbon BBQ sauce and Asparagus & Fig Chutney Bacon Roll.

Single Malt Bali is available for special events such as birthday parties, corporate gatherings or meetings, charity events, post-wedding celebrations and more. This unique space can accommodate a private party for 50 up to 120 guests. 

Once, you’re in the bar, you should definitely try our Unique Drinking Board Game “Whisky Me Up” – easy and fun to play, and even easier to get tipsy.

Open 7 days a week the bar is capturing the city crowd during the week offering special theme nights with diverse music in a lounge and promotions on Whiskies, Cocktails, Whisky Tastings, Whisky & Cigar Pairings, Bourbon tastings and much more.

Whiskies, it's for everyone!